Karma is a Babe

Recently I have been nominated for some seriously stupendous blogging awards by my fellow blogger friends! A hardy THANKS goes out to:

Author Ashley who has graciously accepted me in to the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers

~Don’t Quote Lily~ who has been kind enough to extend to me The Versaitle Blogger Award

and Teresa at Belly Button Blues who is oh-so-thoughtful for presenting me The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Be sure and visit the blogs of these 3 lovely ladies, for will find oodles of charm and amusement.

And because I believe what goes around comes back around, I would like to pass the torch (Olympics style) to three other bodacious bloggers, whom you should also pay a visit:

The Cheeky Bride, who hilariously chronicles the ups and downs of her pregnancy

Licking The Beater, where Kara will have you in stitches with her delightful musings


And Then There’s Me, where you’ll find Megs whose stories are always pleasantly entertaining.

Of course I am in awe of all of those courageous bloggers who dare to give life to their creativity through written words. To everyone I read and everyone who reads me, I salute you.

Karma is a babe, pass it on.

9 thoughts on “Karma is a Babe

  1. Wow, I am honored to accept the award :) thanks so much for mentioning me in your post. I love to read your blog, too, and am happy to see that you’re gaining some recognition :)

  2. well shucks! That’s so nice of you, thanks for the shout-out! I definitely love to come spend some time creeping around your site as well, although that probably came out much more stalker-ish than intended :)

  3. Yes, karma is a babe. Congrats on the awards and a big thanks for bringing these 6 lovely blogs to my attention. I always love a new blogger to check out. – Rene

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