There’s Just Something About a Sandwich

Lads and Lasses, we’ve been together here for 40 posts and over four months now. Some of us have been more diligent about commenting then others of us. But it’s ok, it’s not as if I am keeping a list or anything. WordPress does it for me, ha!

I never guessed I’d have stuck with this blogging business this long because, as I mentioned at the very beginning of this journey, I have nothing particularly noteworthy to impart upon readers. I thought that after a while creating exciting blog topics would become arduous given that my blogging style tends to be more of a general commentary on life rather than an intimate and interesting detailing of my own life. This is mostly because my day to day is extraordinarily lackluster.

So I have decided that with this grand milestone it’s high time that you, diligent readers of my fair blog, become privy to some exclusive information about me. Now, I don’t want to give away the farm, but we’ll start with one juicy nugget and see if you can handle it.

The first and arguably most important piece of information about yours truly, a “must know” of epic proportions, a fact known only to those in the inner circle, which mostly consists of stuffed animals, and man this sentence has a lot of commas, is that . . . I am a lover of sandwiches.

It’s true. I would almost classify myself as a connoisseur of sandwiches, but hesitate to do so because I owe it to the integrity of the sandwich to remain objective. So impartial am I, that I dare not claim a favorite. No one sandwich trumps another and I consider myself fortunate to even have the opportunity to eat one.

In no particular order, I enjoy a: Rueben, Meatball Sub, Italian Sub, Egg Salad, Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad, Tuna Melt, Grilled Cheese, Grilled Ham & Cheese, Just Cheese, Californian, Veggie, BLT, Club, PB&J, Bologna, Pulled Pork and countless variations of sandwiches from local deli’s and sub shops.

I’ll eat them toasted, baked, grilled, pressed, hot, cold on white, wheat, sourdough, rye, marbled rye, bun, french roll, pita, or tortilla.

And the more toppings, fixins, and sauces the better!

There is however, one item that I will not tolerate on my sandwich. Sprouts. They are a sandwich killer. I don’t understand what purpose they serve in a sandwich as they are devoid of any taste. And please spare me the argument that they have nutritional value as they mostly end up being picked or flossed out of your teeth.

Also, a rule of thumb for any would be deli or sandwich shop owner, I will look upon your establishment more favorably if you include a pickle or fresh baked cookie with my purchase of a sandwich.

Lastly, please forward any sandwich coupons to my email address at

What a load, or should I say loaf, off! I feel so much better having shared this very personal information with you. Perhaps I shall do it more often!

5 thoughts on “There’s Just Something About a Sandwich

  1. This is so funny. I never pinned you for a sandwich lover. I like bagel sandwiches & the occasional cheeseburger. That’s about it. You did manage to make me hungry, though.

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