Fun Friday: Pay it forward

It truly is Good Friday!  This morning I woke up to not one, but two blog awards from fellow blogger Emma, writer of the delightfully funny blog, In Other Words.  Many thanks to Emma for bestowing upon me these most distinguished of blogging awards.

Don’t worry I won’t let the prestige go to my head. I won’t spend this post elaborating about how great I am or how keen my sense of humor is to have brought all of you back here day in and day out.  I won’t boast of my talents or flaunt in front of you my growing list of qualities.  I’ll not gush over my accomplishments or parade about with my winnings.

I won’t do any of these things because I AM A MORON!

In case I have been unclear about it in past postings, I am a clutz, a kook, and a person afraid of balloons.  A rambler, a gambler (who can’t seem to play the lottery correctly) and an infrequent flyer.  And most of all (and worst of all) I am a certifiably crazy cat lady.

I am still trying to work out how and why anyone would want read this nonsense.  Bashfully, I say thanks!  And with much gratitude (and because the rules of these awards stipulate so), I would like to pay it forward.

Blogs that I enjoy reading and deserving of these awards:


Steph in Transit

The Cheeky Bride

Ps. I read and follow tons of blogs, all of which are truly great. I think if you have the gusto to have and keep a blog in the first place, then you are deserving of these awards as well.  But at the risk of my stomach eating itself in hunger, I have to keep the list short and go have some breakfast.  Cheers to all blog writers!

3 thoughts on “Fun Friday: Pay it forward

  1. Aw, shucks, thanks!!! You just made my day (fine, you caught me, my week!). I hope I understand the rules of appropriately accepting my awards, but call me out on it on my blog if I don’t. Congrats on YOUR awards as well. You deserved them, love your blog!

    1. Im not sure that I really understand the rules either, but I’ll never say no to an award!! I’ve seen some blogs that display the award in the side panel of their blog or whatever. Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for writing yours!

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