What’s a girl gotta do to win the lottery?

First thing, she should buy a ticket. Check.

Second thing, she should check to see if she has the winning numbers after each drawing. Check.

Third thing, she should know how to play the game. Come Again?

The rules, she should know the rules. She should know that there are nine ways to win at Mega Millions and that even if she hasn’t matched all six numbers she could still potentially be a winner. She did not know that.

Well then, she is a moron for probably having thrown away a winning ticket a time or two. She is not a moron!

Considering that she has been playing the lotto since she was able, you’d think she would have visited the website before today and found that she has a 1 in 40 chance of winning some sort of Mega Millions prize. That even if she were to just get the mega ball number right, she would have at least won $2 and that in last night’s Mega Millions drawing over 2.5 million people did just that. She is a moron.

Not dumb enough to show you my numbers!

She probably doesn’t deserve then, to win the $363 million dollar jackpot.  She didn’t.

7 thoughts on “What’s a girl gotta do to win the lottery?

  1. i think it’s even higher now! i plan on buying several tickets tonight but admittedly, i had never read the rules either! off to google mega millions…..

    1. I would buy blog readers, ha ha!! I would buy hundreds of billboards around the country to advertise my blog, so sad! And since we have become like blog partners in crime, I’ll throw a couple hundred your way!

      1. Well, I DID get my degree in graphic design, so I could design you some eye catching billboards. This could work. HAHA Otherwise, I think that’s a totally legit way to spend your millions. You’d probably have some left over to get some therapy for your globophobia.

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